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Song Meanings:

Probably one of the weirdest things about the songs from my debut EP 'The Edge of Beautiful' is the fact that actually only 1 of the 4 songs has a direct meaning/was written specifically about something. The other 3 songs, while they have a meaning that is eventually made clear, only come from thoughts inside my head. While those ideas may be based on real life topics and emotions, there was no specific inspiration behind the writing of those songs.

It's always interesting for me, as the artist, to see how the songs are perceived by the audience. One of the nicest things in releasing this EP has been seeing how everyone has a different favourite song. There doesn't seem to be one which is significantly more popular that the others when the stats come in. It's nice to know that each of them is appreciated by someone; and all of them for different reasons.

I suppose it is really because of that, that when I am explaining the ideas I had in my head when writing the songs, I am not actually going to reveal 100% of their meaning. I wouldn't want to take away the things you have interpreted about them by telling the whole story, so I'll just be giving away the background. I've had some very interesting conversations with friends of mine recently about how they feel when an artist reveals the whole meaning behind their work - be it art, music, theatre etc. While there are some people who really have an interest in the tiny details behind a piece of work, a lot of people seem to appreciate more of a background but not so much detail that their original perception of the song is majorly altered (like when you read a book and have a really clear image in your head of what the characters look like, but then you watch the film and they look different and then you can't remember what they looked like in your head before you saw them on the screen).

So, when I write up the song 'meanings' in the next few posts, I don't want people to be left feeling that the way they may have interpreted the songs was wrong. Music is an art form and should be appreciated from whichever angle you choose to look at it from - which is the precise reason I am going to try leaving the song meanings open ended. This is only a rough impression of what I was getting from my music at the time of writing.

EP Cover - by Lulu Pearce

Happy reading!


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