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'The River Knows'

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

This song is somewhat related to my song 'Gone' in its use of nature to try and convey a message, although this is a song with a meaning I am actually still trying to work out myself! It was the first song to go into full production and is probably my favourite one to play live off the EP. I wrote it around October 2016, so it is also the oldest of all the songs on the EP (all the others were written in the first half of 2017).

I was sitting on my bed after school again and came up with the opening picking pattern and the lyrics just seemed to follow suit - so it didn't take very long to write this song. The only problem with doing that is when you quick-fire lyrics, sometimes you lose the meaning of the song. Now even I'm not really sure what this one's about.

Over the last few years I've given a lot of thought into what the meaning of this song might be, and I suppose its mainly likening love to natural things. I see the main message as sort of saying: if you're in a relationship and it doesn't feel natural then you should probably move on - don't just follow the way because you think you ought to. Try to do the best things for you, but do that it gently so you don't hurt people along the way.

I think it's also another hypothetical situation with someone whose in a relationship but isn't happy, and an onlooker who thinks that this person should be with them instead because they would be more natural together. But what all that has to do with rivers, I'm really not sure!

This is really all guess work, which is why when people ask me specifically what this song is about I find it really difficult, but I hope this is an interesting enough read anyway. I would love to find out how you all interpret this song because in someways I also listen as an outsider... Would be interesting to hear your thoughts.

B x

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