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'The Poison Apple'

'The Poison Apple' is a song which I think may be interpreted differently by lots of different people although it essentially has a very basic message: don't be complacent - it never turns out well. It was written in April 2017 in a break-time at school when I just found the starting riff and then the first verse followed really quickly. Like all the other songs on the EP, I wanted as real a sound as possible so tried to limit the editing and production on this song to as little as possible. I really wanted a "what you hear is what you get" EP where the songs could be done justice when performed live and not sound too different.

This song is the one with the darkest undertones out of all the songs on the EP. The lyrics tell the story of an imaginary person who once ruled in their own little world but then they became arrogant and power-hungry so the other people occupying the same little world threw them out. Its about that person's realisation that their ambition was also their downfall, but also their acknowledgement that this sudden realisation came a little too late. I think that this song has an important lesson in it that I will try to carry with me all my life long.

As for other potential meanings to this song, I think there probably several. The main 'plot' has quite a few elements to it and it is a story where I think the listener may almost be tempted to feel a little sorry for the main character. But, those other elements are for you as the listeners to interpret as you wish so you can see the song in whichever light you want to. I won't go into greater detail.


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